DY2015B /DY2015C With Printer Electric Vehicle Battery Tester Capacity Tester 12V60A

DY2015B 12V /DY2015C 12/24V Battery System Tester Capacity Tester Maximum Electronic load Battery Charge Test

DY2015B with printer




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DY2015B series storage battery testers are used for activated style leadacid storage battery.
Precise circuit and strong digital processing unit make it complete collection of a series of complicated data and figure out every test data, which availably by 4-wire Kelvin test connection. Besides it strengthens input protection inside , in order to prevent such situations as polar reversal connection, over-high voltage input, poor contact of the test clamps and so on. That makes sure safer and more convenient when testing.

This tester is the best tool for battery sales, vehicle repair and condition check of all kinds of lead-acid batteries that used in equipment system associated with lead-acid battery.



Conforms to CAT III 600V
With large LCD display, easy to read the value
Fully diagnose the battery status and car charging system
Battery test: cold cranking amps, battery resistance, voltage, life analysis
Engine system test: the change of battery system with the process of startup
Charging system test: the charging system working state of the output
Maximum load system test: the maximum load state of battery
Rich Parameters measured and displayed for battery condition diagnose
Overload protection and wrong connection protection keeps operator always safe
Easily read out conclusion of battery condition good/OK/pay attention/replace
Loose lead detection, unit conversion CCA/IEC/EN/DIN
specification Range
CCA 100~1700
IEC 100~1000
EN 100~1700
DIN 100~1000
JIS Reference table in manual
Displays Battery Internal Resistance Display ohms
Displays Battery Voltage Display volts
Displays Battery Condition good/OK/pay attention/replace
Test 12V BatteriesN with printer
Battery Recharge Indicator
Reverse Polarity Protection
Detects and Displays Bad cell
Loose Lead Detection
Internal Unit Conversion EN,EIC,DIN
Overload protection of input voltage
Cable Length 700mm
Dimension 180 * 90 * 32 mm
Weight 400 g



DY2015B /DY2015C With Printer Electric Vehicle Battery Tester Capacity Tester 12V60A


DY2015B with printer 12V




DY2015B /DY2015C With Printer Electric Vehicle Battery Tester Capacity Tester 12V60A

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1 x DY2015B Car battery tester